Our Approach

The Joyful Guide is here to guide you to choose a life full of joy! Visit thejoyfulguide.com to find tips on decluttering, simple parenting, and keeping a smile on your face through all life sends your way.

Our Story

As a mom of twins, I struggled immensely with the challenges of being a working parent and trying to doing it all. Learning to simplify every aspect of my life led to me thriving and living a life I love! I'm here to help you thrive and choose joy no matter what life sends your way.

Meet the Joyful Guide!

My goal is to provide you with resources to choose joy in all aspects of your life.

Living a life filled with joy is about the choices you make to respond to difficult circumstances in life.

Simplify your house? Check!

Need some Parent Hacks? Check!

Had a bad day (or a bad season) and need a joy infusion? Check!

Too many families are too busy and not enjoying the season of life they are in. It's time to Simpify and Choose Joy!

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Megan Smith Jalali

The Joyful Guide

Founder of The Joyful Guide, Megan Smith Jalali is an entrepreneur, educational coach, and mom of beautiful twins.

She has coached adults and children as an educator for over 15 years.

She has an M.A. in Educational Administration from San Jose State University and a B.A. in History from University of California Santa Cruz.