Joy in the Waiting: Trusting the Designer

One of my guilty pleasures is watching home renovation shows. You know, the designer has a grandiose vision, the homeowner is excited but not quite sure, and in the end it comes out marvelously. On one end of these types of shows you will inevitably find a talented designer that is an artist who tries to push the boundaries of their craft as well as the style of the homeowner. As the remodel takes shape there is a point where the whole house is in its demolition phase and the homeowner is clearly distraught. “I just don’t see how this is going to turn out, ” they”ll say with a forlorn look. The house is in shambles with walls knocked down and construction everywhere. “I’m really worried about the final outcome, ” they’ll mutter to the cameras and need to be reassured by the designer that it is all according to plan. I found in my heart a striking parallel.

I entered the demolition phase of my own carefully crafted life not long ago and clung onto hope that everything would somehow turn out with a fairy tale ending. Recently, as I emerge from the demolition into remodeling phase, I find that I am extremely concerned about the final product. Fairy tale endings only happen in fairy tales and I happen to live in reality. Worrying doesn’t help and feeling like I’m not in control of the outcome can be overwhelming. Trusting and waiting while the redesign of my life slowly focuses, much like a lens being turned from blurry to clear by an unseen photographer, requires patience and trust. I put my hope in knowing that there is a divine plan for my life, better than I could ever dream or imagine. In order to receive it, I have to let go and trust the designer. Rather than put my trust in human judgement or my own quite fallible plans, I can choose to put my trust in the one who created all time and space and all of humanity. Knowing that the designer created me and has the best plan for my life in mind, I am able to let go and let God be in control. One day I’ll be able to look at the beautifully remodeled version of life and celebrate all of the hard work. Trusting the designer for the vision is the key to hope and choosing joy in the waiting.

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